Cheri Struble

From the time I was a little girl, I was fascinated by babies and pregnancy. I would ask my grandmother to recount her births over and over again. She openly shared with me all the good and bad, how she had to fight for natural birth in the 40s and 50s and argue with her pediatrician to breastfeed her children. My mom and aunt also had natural births in the hospital and nursed their babies. I knew someday I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I realized even then that every mother remembers in detail the birth day of her children.


But my journey to birth work really began with my own path to motherhood. As a teen mom, I had no concept of informed consent when I first gave birth at the age of 18. The birth of my beautiful daughter left me traumatized, wounded and feeling like a failure. I decided not to have more children because I thought for some reason, I wasn't as strong as the other women in my family. I pushed longer and used pain medication. My baby was pulled out of me by forceps.


As time when on, I did desire more children. I began to research and understood what happened to me was not at all normal. I did not fail but the maternal medical system certainly had failed ME. For my next birth six years later, I chose to have my baby at home. It was a hard birth but a glorious rebirth of myself. I knew then that I was called to be a midwife, to hold space for other women, to honor their own birthing as the sacred life changing event that it truly is.

Two years later I started my training as a midwife. I worked for seven years along with having babies and homeschooling my children. I had the rest of my 7 children at home and have been honored to help many women do the same by holding space, giving informed consent and respecting their choices.


I practiced in North Carolina for 12 years as a midwife to women in the surrounding area of the Blueridge Foothills as well as my local Amish community. We relocated to the west valley of Phoenix in 2018 for my husband's job. From the fall of 2018 until the fall of 2019 I took time to settle in our new home and community. In 2019 I began to work with Family First Midwifery as a midwife and am honored to start taking clients of my own beginning in 2021.

I truly could not do this work without the loving support of my husband, Mark, adult children and family. They are everything to me. When I am not serving as a midwife, we love to eat and prepare good food, travel, camp and spend time in nature. You will often find me in a corner knitting or puttering in my garden.

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My Work

I've been honored and privileged to serve hundreds of women as they journeyed toward motherhood. I began my training in 2000, studying and apprenticing with a local midwife. I attended births with her as a student as well as births as a doula until 2007 when I became a lay midwife. Although licensure was not available to me, I decided to become certified as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) with the North American Registry of Midwifes (NARM) in 2009. I owned an operated Covenant Birth Services in North Carolina from 2007-2018. Upon moving to Arizona in the fall of 2018, I pursued and obtained my Arizona license to practice midwifery in July of 2019.



NARM Certified Professional Midwife


Direct Entry Midwife




Apprenticeship training with Reita Reid, CPM North Carolina


Neonatal Resuscitation Certification


La Leche League Leader